Removing Tattoos

Do all tattoos can be removed Many dermatologists say that the complete removal of tattoos is not possible. Tattoos are made to be durable so it is therefore difficult to remove. Some doctors still guarantee complete removal. Removing a tattoo depends on several factors: the size of the tattoo, the place where it was done, people from the organism, the age of the tattoo, the way it was done. For example. tattoo that was done professionally easily be removed because it is the color entered everywhere at the same depth. Newer tattoos are harder to remove than old ones.
Doctors can not predict the exact degree of removal because they do not know exactly what color, out of a possible hundred, used when tattooing.

Before the laser has become a tool for removing tattoos were used the following methods: Methods for tattoo removal

– Dermabrasion, where the skin is actually “Pescara” to remove its surface layer in which there is a struggle;

– Cryosurgery, which freezes the area of ​​skin before removing

–   Cropping, where the doctor removes the tattoo with a scalpel and closes the wound sutures (in some cases, for larger tattoos, skin taken from other parts of the body)

In addition to these procedures, which are still used today, lasers have become a standard treatment for tattoo removal because when their use is no bleeding and no side effects. Any removal of the case from a few times. Anesthesia can be local. Type of laser used depends on the color of which was done tattoo (hardest colors to remove are red and yellow and the easiest blue and black). Lasers which are specially designed for tattoo removal use the so-called Q-switching technique, which consists of a short pulse high energy. There are the following lasers:

–   Ruby
–   Alexandrite lasers
–   Nd: YAG (for red, blue and black)

How laser removes tattoo

The laser works by producing a short pulse of very high energy safely pass through the epidermis and mix with color tattoos. This causes the color turns into tiny pieces that body was later removed by the immune system.

Does the removal of tattoos hurt

The unfortunate thing about tattooing is that the very process of formation, as well as the process of removing a tattoo, ill. The feeling when you remove tattoos by laser is similar to the feeling when you spray the drops of hot oil or when someone strikes taut rubber band on the jar. Since black absorbs all light laser, is the easiest to remove. Other colors, such as green, partially absorbs laser light and therefore can only be removed if known chemical composition, and color.
To remove tattoos take several treatments, usually a very short duration. The number of treatments depends on the type and color of the depth at which it is located. The interval between sessions is about three weeks.
Side effects of laser tattoo removal, in some cases, the following: hyperpigmentation-darkening of the skin at the treatment site, and hypopigmentation-color becomes dimmer and less pigment at the site of treatment. Possible complications include infection, inability to remove all particles of color and there is a chance of 5% to remain a permanent scar.
It should be borne in mind that the removal of tattoos, several times more expensive than just tattoos.
Therefore, think twice before you do the tattoo, because none of the methods is not completely safe, many procedures are painful and very expensive!