The process of tattooing

Much of the tattooing process is focused on security because any open wound (such as a tattoo i) may potentially lead to infection and transmission of various diseases.
Acceptable methods of sterilization are the only ones that are used in hospitals, which are in a dry autoclave sterilization and sterilization by autoclaving (steam sterilizer that at t = 121 C and P = 1 bar for about 30 min. Kills all microorganisms). Much of the material that is used in tattooing – the color, the color of caps, gloves, needles – used only once to avoid the possibility of contamination of materials.

All material again koristi- needle holder, tuba, peaks and – it must be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and sterilized in the autoclave before reuse.
Other equipment such as razors and nylon bags which are used to cover spray bottles and working surfaces, are also thrown after use.
Tattoo artist must do the following before beginning work:
– must accept, bottles covered nylon jacket
– has to explain the process of sterilization client
– must take sterile equipment for tattooing from client
– must shave and disinfect the place to be tattooed
When the template is scanned or drawn on the skin, tattooing begins. Using the appropriate configuration for a line of needles, tattoo master tattoo starts from bottom to top and from right to left, that is. from left to right if the left-handed, as it would not be wiped templates using color for the line.
Lines should be uniform, and everywhere the same thickness. It is very important depth of needle-if it is small, the color will remain only in certain places and the line will be interrupted after recovering tattoos, and if the depth is too large, will cause excessive pain and bleeding.
When contouring done, the tattoo is cleaned with special antiseptic solution. If necessary, in some places, thick lines and then moves to the shading. For shading we using various combinations of needles. From the quality of the created lines and shadows, and much depends on the quality of the tattoos. After shading coming staining. When tattoo is very important that there are no gaps between the colors, ie. that the entire surface of the skin that are filled evenly colored paint.
At the end of the tattoo re-cleaned, lubricated and covered with sterile gauze zavojem-. Under normal circumstances (without consuming alcohol, drugs …) bleeding in tattoos are almost gone.
How many tattoos lasts depends on the style of tattoo masters from single image that works.
Some complicated image (large size, large number of lines and colors) are made from a few times.



The pain depends on the location of tattoos on his body. The least pain in places with a lot of “meat”, and most where the skin is just across the bones. The feeling of pain is individual and depends on the mood and the biorhythm. It has been shown that women are more tolerant of pain. Most people after a few minutes does not feel pain (perhaps only mild discomfort). The body produces a hormone called endorphins that relieve and reduce pain or discomfort that you need to endure. There is much evidence that endorphins coupled with “pleasure centers” in the brain. It is possible that because they say that the tattoo addiction, or to tattoo some people creates a feeling similar to sexual excitement. Bola mainly stems from the fact that we do not know what to expect. Most people who get a tattoo for the first time is extremely nervous, which causes your body to be under tension, and if your body is under tension will become more sensitive. When the body starts to relax then the tattoo starts becoming less and less it hurts. I know everyone has heard the story of someone who has gone to get the tattoo and who was so hurt that he fainted. If the person who tattooed a professional, then you will have very little discomfort during the operation. Another reason why a tattoo can hurt when the tattoo artist is poking and tearing the skin more than you need. The following illustration shows diagrams bola (approximately) when a man and a woman. In any case, do not let the pain prevent you to do a tattoo to the point where you want !!!



Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before tattooing. Good night’s sleep the night before you get a tattoo. Depending on when you get a tattoo, eat a big meal two hours before tattooing. Do not take aspirin 24 hours before tattooing. If you are on medication, ask your doctor whether you can get a tattoo while taking them. People with heart problems, people with diabetes, epilepsy, haemophilia and mentally unstable persons, must consult a doctor before tattooing!
How to find a safe tattoo studio:
– Look around whether it is clean and tidy studio-often says a lot about hygiene !!!
– Ask whether there is a sterilizer in which sterilizes equipment and need to see it!
– See whether it has a tub ultrasonic cleaning equipment!
– see if you tattoo guy the wearing gloves!
– ask whether the needle used only once
– see whether the tube and the tops are clean and are free from paint residues
If not met any of these conditions, especially the first two – DO NOT DO tattoo on the spot !!! Maybe that’ll pass off, but know that your life has no price, A CARE CAN JEOPARDIZE time what you will do in the unsterile tattoo conditions! Also, see photos of previous work these masters. Before tattoo it is important to get informed about the tattoo master, about his education and mode. Do not rest against the statements such as “best and cheapest” or on someone’s self-congratulation and other gossip with the intention that someone pulled himself more work. When it’s cheap for a reason, and the most common is quality. To verify that the tattoo artist really knows what he’s doing and whether it is really safe to check it with a couple of specific issues and facts. Compare his work with the works of his colleagues and compare the quality performance of tattoos.

In any tattoo studio there are photos from works, photographs must be sharp and everything was clear on her must-see.
For tattoos, it is important to look at the technical side, which is the professional craftsmen still at the same level because, although they are different tattoo masters, it’s the same technique of entering pigment in the skin. Do not confuse the technique and style, these are two completely different things. In the pictures below you can see the same image that has been done in various professional tattoo studios. You judge for yourself which style you prefer. In doing so, pay attention to the quality linijija, the compliance of colors that were used and whether the color is evenly applied or has gaps. The latter is very important in tribal.