Dr.Numb – Anesthetic


Dr. Numb® is a globally recognized brand in the anesthetic industry which has become the Most Recommended Topical Anesthetic Cream by Healthcare Professionals and Aestheticians.

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Product Description

It is a top-grade pharmaceutical product manufactured in Canada that is 100% effective and safe to use on both children and adults, and has not been tested on animals. The Dr. Numb® formula is painstakingly designed to adhere to the strict standards and requirements of Health Canada and at the same time, allowing the components to work in concert to achieve a synergy of optimal benefits and safety.

Dr. Numb® has grown into an industry leader and established its brand in various institutions such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical supply stores, laser treatment centers, salons, spas, tattoo parlors and has even found its way in many households as an immediate first aid for body pains, minor wounds and burns.


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